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How can a Data Managment System (DMS) help your business?

Prime Vehicle Sales (PVS) opened for business in March 2014. There was an understanding that the used car market was changing and the business needed to establish an online presence. A lot of research was done and it was agreed that there needed to be a website and social media accounts.

The website needed to have functionality and be able to display the vehicles that were for sale. PVS started using Car Dealer 5 and used this successfully for over two years. In 2016, one the finance partners did an audit and established that the business needed a better website product. Click Dealer were introduced and a partnership with them began.

Initially, PVS started using Click Dealer as website hosts only, as the business was using Xero for all the day-to-day invoicing and accounts. By April 2017, PVS had started to grow quite significantly and there were frustrations presenting themselves on how to pull data required, from Xero.

A new member of the team, Tessa, became involved with Prime Vehicle Sales in July 2017. Having spent some time researching and using Xero there was an understanding that something that was designed specifically for the motor trade was required. Although Xero does have third party apps that work with it, nothing seemed to be quite right or to fit the bill required. To this end, Tessa looked at making Xero work in a different way.

In late August 2017, James received his usual newsletter email from Click Dealer. This email had a link to a You Tube video featuring Robert Flowers, the owner of Ashbrow Garage. James showed the video to Tessa and within 30 seconds she asked him to pause it! Questions then rained out of her! 'Do you use that?' 'Please, show me!'. 

Having then looked at what James called 'the web-hosting' site, Tessa very quickly established that what PVS needed was right at James' fingertips; he just hadn't realised it. A phone call was made and Tessa was given access. Left to her own devices, it was like she had been let loose in a sweetie shop. Excited does not even really tell her reaction!

Click Web was established in 2010 but Click DMS were where Click Dealer first started. A data management system designed as a one-stop shop for dealers. Tessa started playing with Click DMS and realised that she needed some help and training. One of the trainers visited the dealership in October and spent some time going through the basics of the DMS. By the end of 2017 data was being transferred from Xero on to Click DMS. This proved to be a valuable experience as Tessa learnt how to use the DMS and Xero effectively. By February 2018, it was decided that James and Tessa needed to visit Click Dealer in Stoke as there were still many questions and scenarios that needed answering and Tessa was now working full-time within the business! A great day's training was spent with Pippa, Director and Head of Customer Care. At this time, the directors of Prime Vehicle Sales, had become disillusioned with Xero and on seeing what Click DMS could offer the business a discussion took place regarding using Click for all business needs. Another trip to Click Dealer headquarters in Stoke, for Tessa, in March and further discussion, it was decided that Click DMS and Xero could work fantastically together. 

The business' financial year starts on 1 April and from this date in 2018 all purchases, invoices and vehicles are now added to the Click DMS. After slight hesitation and nervousness from Tessa all that data is now imported into Xero. The accounts have never looked so good. Everything is easy, tidy and in one place. At any time the margin on any given vehicle can be seen in Click DMS.

This year has been all about getting the best performance from a product that we had but didn't know its true value and worth. As PVS' 2018/19 financial year comes to a close we can attest to the fact that the Click products are fantastic and have saved so much administration time. We have used many of the Click products this year and although we have decided to relinquish one at this time, it is not down to the product but rather that as we are still growing we feel that we can manage what the product offers ourselves.

If you are a car dealership, no matter how small or big, and are thinking about whether you need a Data Management System (DMS) let us say that finding Click DMS has changed how we run our business . . . for the better!