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5 benefits of paint protection on your vehicle

The Arguments in Favour of Paint Protection

Your vehicle is usually your second biggest investment. It's worth protecting. Paint protection is something that divides the car industry; many people don't understand what it does and when it should be applied. Some would argue that waxing is the only way to go to protect their car's paint, whilst others prefer a more permanent protective coat over the layer of paint. However, something that all would agree on is that some form of paint protection is important for vehicles, that's because it:

1. Keeps your vehicle looking newer for longer

Waxing gives your car a beautiful lustre that will last several months, so it is important that you either wax your vehicle or have it waxed fairly often. A more permanent protection will usually give you a lifetime of lustre. Paint protection bonds with the pores in your paintwork, alloys, bumper and glass leaving a smooth, high gloss finish.

2. Reduces the chances of superficial damage on your vehicle's paint

Any driving subjects your vehicle to road debris, rocks and scratches. Even parking can result in accidental bangs and dents. Paint protection is a clear layer between your vehicles precious paint and things that can harm it; including acidic or alkaline rain, road salt, in the winter, and even bird droppings.

A layer of paint protection will enable you to reduce the impact of superficial damage on the paint. This is even more apparent when you apply a more permanent protective layer because that layer will get scratched before it even goes to the paint. It is therefore easier to fix and harder to damage.

3. It's like sunscreen for your vehicle

Although some would say that we don't get that much sunshine here in the UK it's actually the UV rays that cause the problem. The UV rays make the colour fade and what was once a shiny new car can often look worn and tired. This is something that almost all car owners do not want for their car.

4. Reduces the need for polishing

You should have your car waxed every couple of months or so to keep it looking great. However, if you apply a protective coat you may be able to eliminate the need to have the surface polished, making it easier to maintain.

5. It increases your vehicle's resale value

When you sell your car, or offer it for part-exchange, most buyers will look, not only into how the vehicle drives, but the first thing they often notice is the exterior and when it comes to cars, first impressions definitely count. Faded paint or tiny scratches can often bring down the value of your car.

However, if you have some form of paint protection, then this won't be a problem. Most of the scratches will be on the surface and a good detail should have it looking as good as new.

The photo in the post is of a vehicle with paint protection on. The beading effect is the rain water sitting on top of the paint protection and not seeping into the paintwork.

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